Why is this not a book?: Blogoween Day 10

Wow! We are already 10 days into the month. How does it feel? Good?

Today is the final day for Camilla from Reader in the Attic to host Blogoween and she is sending us off with some creepy vibes. Basically, the prompt she created involves sharing some local ghost stories that you think deserve a book!

Instead of doing local, I am going to tell some scary haunts from New York City because I am obsessed with that city!

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The Dakota

Apparently, this apartment building is the most haunted apartment building in New York City. It is the building where John Lennon lived and reported seeing a woman crying in the hallway. If you are into other supernatural occurrences, apparently a UFO has been seen near this building. John Lennon is even thought to have appeared. Apparently, the landlords are super picky about who can live there. Can you imagine the elite people living here, hanging out with ghosts? Somebody write a book about this building before I do!


I mean, look at this picture! I am swooning over the architecture. If you want more fun facts about this building, look here. It is like a little Hogwarts or something.

Edgar Allan Poe

As a great writer, Poe would be such an interesting character for a novel, especially a horror book. Apparently, in Greenwich, his home is mostly gone, except for one banister. Poe decided to stay with this banister and haunt the area. I wonder what an author like Victoria Schwab could do with this story! A horror novel about a horror novelist.

Washington Square Park

In the nineteenth century, Washington Square Park was a burial ground. Apparently, a couple of the inhabitants still enjoy walking around, wearing clothes from their time period. “Hangman’s Elm” is a tree in this park that is haunted by a woman. I would love to read a book from the ghost’s perspective as they watch the world change, with new fashions, cultures, and technologies.

Photo by Steve Guttman

This is where I received information for this post! Click the link for even more scary ghost stories of New York City!

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I learned some really interesting stories about New York City and it just makes me want to visit even more (I have never been). I hope you enjoyed the snippets and I hope we find someone to write these books.

Talk to me!

Do you have any local ghost stories you wish were a book?

Do you like scary stories?

What is your favorite?

Scary books or scary movies or both?

Let me know!



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4 thoughts on “Why is this not a book?: Blogoween Day 10

    1. Haha! I feel that. Like, I love watching and reading scary things but I feel like I would be terrible in actual scary places. I don’t think I will ever go to Knott’s Scary Farm or Universal Horror Nights. I have only been in one haunted house and it was during the day time and nothing happened haha.

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