5 Characters I would Want with me in a Zombie Apocolypse: Blogoween Day 7


It is the last day of week one of Blogoween! How is everyone feeling? Spooky? Witchy? Ghosty?

It is also the last day with Kaleena from Reader Voracious as our host, and let me tell you, they had some amazing prompts! I love them all!

Today’s prompt is about another creepy creature, zombies!

The prompt states that we are to name five characters that we would want with us in the case of an apocalypse.

All of them, because I would be completely useless…

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Luka Novak

The Progeny by Tosca Lee

He is super handy and strong and knows how to fight. I also think he would be the expert on running and hiding, always ensuring that we had a place to go and where we could find food.

Lazlo Strange

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

(I know, I use him a lot. I love him. I am so excited to read Muse of Nightmares) He would be the brains! He would have read a book about zombies and know exactly what we would need to do to kill them.

Finnick Odair

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

(What can I say… I have my favorites) He would be the main fighter. He would use his trident to kill the zombies and fend off attackers. Also, if we were by water, he could find our food!

Linh Cinder

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

She would be helpful in repairing things. For example, if we were running away from a group of zombies and we came across an old car, Cinder would be very helpful in fixing the car so we can get away faster. Things like that!

Kat Bowers

Imagine by Jenna Greene

Basically, an all around good person to have in these situations. Smart, strong, magical (all the helpful traits).

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That was fun! I think all my picks would be very helpful and I would be a dead weight because I cannot fight or fix things or cast spells.

Talk to me!

Who would be on your team?

Do you think these characters would be helpful?

Do you think these characters would be unhelpful?


Let me know!





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