An Evening of Mystery & Murder: Blogoween Day 6

Hi all! (I feel like I need to come up with a new greeting)

Welcome back to my cozy internet nook! We have another Blogoween day brought to you by our host, Kaleena from Reader Voracious! And let me tell you, folks. This is a good one!

It is called “An Evening of Mystery & Murder” and it is basically bookish Clue! Do you remember that game? I haven’t played it in forever but I loved it so much! You can find the full explanation of the prompt on her post, which I linked above. But I am going to dive right in!

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It is dark. The sky is a little cloudy and you can smell the moisture in the air. The brown, fallen leaves crunch under your feet as you approach a heavy looking oak door. You pull your right fingers into a fist and rap the door three times. Immediately, the door opens and you are bombarded by the smells of the Halloween dinner party. You walk inside and notice that you are the last to arrive as you greet all of the guests…

  • The Darkling from Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
  • Beck from Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
  • Baz from Carry On by Rainbow Rowell
  • Caleb from Divergent by Veronica Roth
  • Coriolanus Snow from Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  • Minya from Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
  • Queen Levana from Cinder by Marissa Meyer

You have all taken a seat at the dinner table and are enjoying a large plate full of food when a scream emanates through the house. Everyone looks around and sees that only one person has gone missing…

  • Beck

Everyone panics, spreading around the house trying to find where the scream came from. Suddenly, you hear commotion in the kitchen and run to see all of the guests standing around a body on the ground, the body of Beck. Eyes flicker around the room, trying to figure out how this happened. Next, to Beck, a glass lies, broken on the ground. Inside, the remanents of poison. With this murder weapon, there could only be one killer…

  • President Coriolanus Snow

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Okay, that was so much fun to write! I feel like my ending was pretty predictable but it just came out that way and I didn’t want to change fate!


Who: Beck

Where: Kitchen

How: Poison

Murderer: President Snow

Talk to me!

Did you expect who the murderer was?

Would you think something different would happen if these characters got together?

Who do you think would be the murderer?

Who do you think would be murdered?

Who would be at your Halloween dinner party?

Do you like the game of Clue or the movie better?

Let me know!






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