Bookish This or That Tag!

I saw this tag over on The Bibliophagist and I thought it looked like a lot of fun and a lot of torture. I am notoriously bad at making decisions so this one is going to be… an adventure. So, thanks for joining me!

It looks like this tag was originally created by Paperfury, who got inspiration from @book_junkee on Instagram. (I just want to make a side note about how wonderful it is that the bookish community can be so inspiring and connected)

Alright, let’s get into the difficult decisions!

Blog BorderSeries or Standalone?

This first question seems pretty easy. Giving me a false sense of security… I see!

I will always pick series. In all my experience reading, I have always enjoyed reading series more than standalone books. I get to know the settings and the story more and I get to become more attached to the characters so that the author can emotionally toy with me before ripping my heart out. 🙂

a.k.a. my favorite series!


Magic Earned or Magic Born?

To read, I have to say magic earned. What can I say? It makes for some great reading and readers gets more character development, which is always fun.  But personally, I just wanted to be born with magic. Why wasn’t I born with magic? Why didn’t I get a letter when I turned eleven, inviting me to a magical school with magical teachers and magical classmates who have magical animals.


Enemies-to-Lovers or Friends-to-Lovers?

Enemies to lovers! Always. No question. I love it. I’m sorry.



Hilarious Banter or Emotional Ruin?

Emotional Ruin! If you don’t know this about me yet, I love when authors take out my heart, rip it into pieces, and try to stuff it back in. I just love it! What fun times!


Love Triangle or Instalove?

Well, I hate instalove so for this one, love triangle is my answer. At least it gives some depth to the relationship and the characters. Like, don’t get me wrong, love triangles kind of suck, but at least they are way more realistic. Someone can 100% love two people at the same time but immediately falling in love… that will most likely not last.




Keyboard Smash Fantasy Names or all Names Start with the Same Letter?

Okay, this one is definitely the hardest so far. They are both terrible. Keyboard smash names, I always end up making up the pronunciation and it is way off. Also, I can never spell the name, no matter how many times I read it in the book.

On the other hand, names that all start with the same letter can be so confusing. But, I am going to tell you a secret… I kind of accidentally named three of my characters in my WIP with “A” names. I am the worst. BUT I AM GOING TO CHANGE IT!! I promise. I just used them so that I could get the story on the page.

Anyway, I am going to have to choose keyboard smash names. I have a reason! So, in my experience, keyboard smash names usually come from books that have a lot of character development. When characters all start with the same letter, I don’t usually see as much character development. I am positive that this is not universally true but from what I have experienced… it is. (I really hope my novel has character development…I should check that)


Mean Parents or Dead Parents?

Umm… neither! I like supportive parents, who trust and love their children. I can’t believe I have to choose. Okay, I guess I will choose dead parents because at least they can’t make me mad. They also often give characters some emotional depth. Mean parents just make me eternally mad and I don’t like feeling that way while reading.


Supermodel Looks or Constantly says how Plain they are?

I mean, I like neither of them. Why can’t we all just accept how other people look? Tell me that the character has curly brown hair that falls down only to their shoulders. Great! Awesome! Don’t tell me that the hair is boring or that it glitters from mood dust.

I guess I will have to say supermodel looks because if the story is in first person, it means that the character is super confident, which always makes me very happy!


Face on Cover or Typography on Cover?

Typography! Always typography. There are like two book covers that I like that have a face on the cover. The rest just creep me out. Funny anecdote: when I was younger, I used to think people in posters could see me through the poster so I would try to act really cool in front of my Hannah Montana posters. Wow… I don’t think I have ever told anyone that. Welcome to my weird brain!


Villain Turning a Little Good or Hero Turning a Little Bad?

Villain turning good! I love morally grey characters! I love anti-heroes! I love them all. Give them to me. *grabby hands*



Blog Border

That was both fun AND challenging! My brain is full of one million tropes right now.


Tell me in the comments!

What is your favorite trope?

What is your least favorite trope?

Do you feel differently from me on any of the questions?

Let me know.





26 thoughts on “Bookish This or That Tag!

  1. Ahh these questions are so hard to answer. For a lot of them I can’t decide which one I prefer more haha (especially this one Enemies-to-Lovers or Friends-to-Lovers?) I agree with you on the last question, I love to see a bad person (whether villain or a bad boy/girl in a contemporary, turn good!) Also I choose love triangles over instalove too and yess team Peeta!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They were so tough! I hate making decisions. Why did I put myself through this? Haha! Yes! I just love when the reader gets a glimpse at why the villain or antagonist acts the way they do. It makes the character way more real.


  2. I am so specific with my love triangles though haha probably cause I hate having the second lead left out? If it ends with the other one finding their partner too I love it. Or if they’re just assholes in the first place then I love sweet, sweet justice 😂 awesome post by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

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