The Cost of Love: Review

Title: The Cost of Love

Author: Nicole Zoltack

Rating: 4/5 Stars


Thank you so much Nicole Zoltack for sending me a copy of your novel for review!

This is a spoiler free review J



Gabrielle meets Jacques, by chance, when sneaking into a celebration for the King and Queen. They immediately form a bond however something scares Gabrielle away. This small encounter leads to a beautiful relationship to form and sets off a chain of reactions that has major effects on the kingdom.



This is a short prequel to Of Cinder and Madness, a twisted retelling of Cinderella, and gives readers a glimpse into the history behind the beloved and mysterious characters. It tells the story of Eleanor’s parents falling in love and gives background of the story of how Eleanor ended up the way she is and has the powers she has. I loved the parallel between the well-known version of Cinderella and the love story of Gabrielle and Jacques. I appreciated the insight that this story gave into Gabrielle’s life and how she fell in love. It was an adorable story that was easy to read and answered questions I had in my mind while reading the original story. I can’t wait to read more of the Darkened Nights: History Books and learn more about this group of characters.

This series is great to pick up if you want an easy and fun read this summer to escape the heat!


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